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Matt Arters is an Author/Illustrator & Nature Photographer who lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  He is the father of three amazing kids and has been drawing since he could hold a crayon.  His pictures decorated the fridge of his grandparents all of his growing years and he continued to draw on anything that he could through middle school and high school.  Most of his tests and text books had doodles on them.

In middle school, he designed posters and flyers for his school and even had his drawings featured in his High School yearbook.   His senior year he was voted "Most Artistic" by his high school classmates.

His love for drawing finally led him to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams, writing and illustrating his own children's books.  To date he has 4 published books for toddlers and beginning readers.  His books have sold in both North America and Europe and he visits classrooms and libraries reading his books to children, teaching them to draw his characters, all while instilling a love of reading to children.

Matt's love of hiking and nature has led him to take up photography.  Matt is able to capture what he sees on his hikes and allows you to see what an amazing world we live in.  Matt's photographs and books are all on sale on this site.  Matt posts all of his photographs on his Instagram page.  If there is a photo that you see on Instagram that you would like to purchase, please contact him at and he can add it to this site so it can be purchased.