Bingo The Smallest Monkey

Bingo the Smallest Monkey Cover
Pipsqueek new
Could this be the day new
Came to their knees new

 Bingo struggles being the smallest monkey in the jungle.  He thinks that just because he can't do the things that the bigger animals do that he isn't as special.  Through the book Bingo learns that the very differences that he didn't like was the very thing that made him so special!  The colorful pictures and rhyming words of this book make it a favorite for pre readers and young readers alike.

Bingo And The Bully

Bingo and the Bully Cover half page
Made Fun Of His Shell
Wanted To hide
Bingo Concerned

Bingo the Monkey is back for another adventure.  In this book we meet his friend, Sheldon the Turtle.  He is a very nice turtle but he always moves so slow.  In this story, Ginny the Giraffe gets upset with the slow moving Sheldon and starts to yell and make fun of him.  Bingo is left with a hard decision.  How does he handle one of his friends being bullied.  Join Bingo and see how he handles the situation and maybe it will make you think how you will handle bullying when you see it.

Yeli's Long Journey Home

Yeli Cover
Yeli and the Deer 1
Yeli All Alone
Yeli Licking Christina

Yeli was a puppy that was looking for a family to call her own.  Her adventure had her looking all over to try to fit in with the different animals she met so that they would accept her into their family.  She looked high and low and tried to fit in everywhere but she just could not.  In the end she found someone that loved her for who she was and she didn't have to change, which is the best love of all.

Sherlock And The New Baby

Sherlock Cover 3
Oops Paint Final
Sherlock Trash
Josie Holding Ear

Sherlock learns that there is a new baby joining the family.  He is excited for his new sister to come and wants to help get ready.  But Sherlock is not that good of a helper.  Join Sherlock as he tries different ways to help but causes more trouble in the end.  He learns that all he needs to do is love his new sister in order to be the best big brother ever!